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Carpets bring so much character to a living space. They make your home look so cozy and make the place look so much better put together. But, what about their maintenance? Clean carpets are not something everyone can manage and vacuuming the carpets even as frequently as once a week is just not enough to keep them truly clean throughout a normal day at home with so much going on in the house.

The job gets even tougher if you have kids and/or pets at home. Having children around not only makes it difficult but even more important than ever to keep the carpets clean so that you can provide your kids with a safe and germ-free indoor environment. A busy household demands a lot from the carpets, and professional carpet cleaning is the best way to keep them in good condition. The list of benefits of carpet cleaning goes a long way.

Some myths about carpet cleaning

There are a few myths that go around a professional carpet cleaning process, such as that the job demands the usage of damaging chemicals, but this just is not the case. With the current advancement in technology, modern cleaning methods (specifically hot water extraction) heat water to very high temperatures to remove dirt and particles from the very surface to give you super clean carpets.

The water uses pressure that loosens stains, dust, and mites, which then get removed very easily. This process is entirely soap-free, leaves no residue behind and ensures the safety of the carpets and most importantly – is both child and pet-friendly. This type of cleaning is safe for all kinds of carpets and will also increase their longevity.

Allergens in your carpets – dust, mites and other unwanted particles

The most important benefit of professional carpet cleaning is that it reduces the level of allergens in your home. Carpet attracts a lot of dust and mites, which are difficult to get rid of by simple vacuuming because the carpet keeps all those particles snug within its very fibers. Vacuuming can even help bring those allergens close to the carpet surface without removing them – ending up causing more allergic reactions in your household than ever before. Professional carpet cleaning removes these unwanted particles thoroughly making it safe for your kids and pets to have fun without having to worry about allergies.

Stains on your carpets

Another unavoidable scenario with carpets is stains. Some nasty stains might simply just force you to replace the carpet and get a new one altogether – even after you have used the best store-bought carpet cleaners on them. Professional carpet cleaning Columbus can help you with such tough stains and, therefore, extend the lifespan of your carpets by a lot.